Great Research Paper Guides

Selecting a Research Paper Topic

The research paper is one of the more challenging school assignments. Finishing it often takes at least two months, depending on the class it is needed for. Because it is so tough, students need to be wise about how they go about it. Before all, your option can be hiring a professional to do my paper for me online. But if you feel like writing the paper on your own, the first important step is to choose the right topic.

How a wrong topic can hurt

Some students select their topic in an attempt to impress their teacher. So they might opt for something obscure or something with much relevance despite it being something they do not know much about. The problem, however, is that the more you do not understand or like your topic, the harder it will be. So if you want someone to do my research for me I give very specific instructions.

Do a lot of initial research

To select the right topic, you will need to read a lot. So think of interesting topics for you and start looking online and in the library for issues that you would like to know more about. This initial search will take time as you cannot just copy studies that have been done before. So have the patience to search diligently.

Make sure you have a backup plan

Even if you do find something you like, you still have to defend your choice to your teacher. Some may think it is too simple or even irrelevant. So make sure you have a backup topic or two, just in case.

Topics to consider

In case you have tried searching for something to do but have not seen anything yet, you can consider some of the following:

Society and the World

  • Can China’s one-child policy work in other countries?
  • Should assisted-suicide be allowed?
  • How will Brexit affect the European Union?
  • The pros and cons of accepting refugees
  • The effects of the Black Lives Movement in Europe
  • Can the Me Too movement change how women are treated in Asia?
  • Are the cartels running Latin America?
  • How can human trafficking be stopped?
  • Why do governments turn a blind eye towards red-light districts?

The Family

  • Are there any dangers if children idolize superheroes?
  • Is social media to blame for the lack of close relationships in the family?
  • Are children today growing up faster than before?
  • What can be done to lessen sibling rivalry?
  • Do kids today still respect their grandparents?
  • Is the government doing enough to help single parents?
  • Should a mandatory parenting seminar be given to first-time parents?


  • What is the ideal age for children to start school?
  • Is today’s curriculum overburdening children?
  • Should summer school be mandatory to raise the learning levels of high school students?
  • Are grades really necessary for preschool and elementary students?
  • What can the government do to help homeschoolers?
  • Are teachers to blame for bullying in schools?
  • How are standardized tests ruining education?
  • What are schools doing to assist minorities?
  • Do student exchange problems really help those involved?


If you want to submit a great research paper, you must begin by selecting a great topic. So use or tweak the topics mentioned above or draw inspiration to come up with something for yourself. Good luck!